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On to Ottawa

One of the reasons for my trip to CENESEX was to be able to report on it to my Union. Since I was going to be in Ottawa anyway, visiting friends, my next task was to go in to the … Continue reading

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A night out in Havana

As I said in the last entry, Angelie invited us to go with her to a gay club the following Thursday. She came to our apartment Thursday afternoon – earlier than expected. My friend was having a nap and I … Continue reading

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Cuba and CENESEX Well, I mentioned’ in the last post, that I was going to visit CENESEX in Havana. I did. I was in Cuba from April 25 to May 8. Not quite believing what I was told by the tour organizer (that I would … Continue reading

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An Introduction

It’s taking me longer than I thought to get this up and running! What with a bout of the ‘flu’, meetings and stuff. I thought I would be recording and commenting on recent events by now and here I am, … Continue reading

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Mission Statement

So, here I am starting yet another ‘personal space’. But this one will be a bit different from the other ones which I maintain primarily for personal and social purposes. This one will be primarily about my political activity. Events … Continue reading

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