Another busy week

Meant to post this sooner! I actually wrote it a week ago or so, but you know how it is….

Well another week gone by. And a busy one it was!

I missed going to the Drop In Centre on Thursday because I had people over for dinner. My first real ‘dinner party’ for a long time – crystal, silver, china and all! I even wore a dress! A bit of a relief after weeks of wearing jeans and a blouse.

It was nice to see some people who weren’t part of TAS or Pride for a change even if TAS related topics were a big part of the conversation. For a couple of folks it was their first encounter with me as ‘Marie’. It didn’t seem to raise any barriers. Got some more contact information for people in the labour movement for TAS – and more to come if certain people remember!

Friday another friend over for dinner – not quite so fancy – just steaks on the BBQ (and back in jeans and a blouse). But it was still a fun alternative to another meeting.

Saturday, I went to the Queer Film Festival. TAS was sponsoring “Voodoo Woman”, so we got to have a table there and say a few word before the showing. I managed to pass that ‘honour’ on to Raigen, luckily. The film was actually quite interesting and a good part of it took place in Cuba which made it even more so for me. I got a chance to talk with the director, Carolina (nee Carlos) Valencia, for a while after the movie. Now, that was interesting – we have a number of things in common yet a lot of differences. But here we are both in our ‘fifties, advocating trans rights.

Had dinner with Raigen and her husband after at Memphis Blues BBQ on the drive. Very tasty and not quite as expensive as I had been led to believe.

That’s it for now. I’m too tired for any deep political analysis.

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