Just a quick update

Wow! Two months gone in the blink of an eye!

Just have enough time for a brief update.

The proposal to change the Thursday drop in centre format, which was put on the back burner after numerous people protested it, is back. But this time they are actually going to ‘consult with us – the people who use it – about how to change it. So the next few weeks we will have an extra person sitting in for part of the session to talk about what changes should be made. We’ll see how that goes!

The secretary and the treasurer of the Trans Alliance Society resigned a couple of weeks ago But we managed to elect new ‘interim’ people to the offices without any problems. I look forward to working with the new officers.

The group that formed around a community response to the exclusionist policies of Lu’s Pharmacy doesn’t look like it is going anywhere but talks with the “Women’s Health Collective” are still going on. We’ll see if either bear any fruit.

I went to a ‘roundtable’ meeting at 411 Centre about senior’s housing for the GBLT community. An interesting exchange of views and information, but nothing concrete got accomplished. Maybe next time. Still got to meet some more people – including Gayle Roberts, from the Trans Health Programme Advisory Group.

The Trans Day of Remembrance group has had to reduce it’s expectations somewhat – as I thought might happen. I was pretty sure that some people were over estimating the amount of money that could be collected. But, on the other hand, it is a group of activists, not just well meaning liberals. So there will be a day of remembrance here in Vancouver and some activities on campuses as well.

Most recently, an incident in Kelowna regarding washroom use at a nightclub which TAS issued a press release about led to a flurry of calls from media in Kelowna. Interestingly, there were no calls from any media in Vancouver. Not even Extra West or the Georgia Straight. I guess for the Vancouver papers an incident involving a trans person is a ‘dog bites man’ story but for the Kelowna papers, it’s a man bites dog’ story and worth following up.

It has been suggested that I should be on the Advisory Group for the Trans Health Programme. I think I will. It doesn’t seem to be an onerous task – it only meets every few months and I think it would be good if someone who actually attends the Thursday Drop in Centre were on it.

I tried to go to the “Queer Women on the Drive” thing last night but it must have been cancelled as no one else was there. I guess I should have gone to the NDP fund raiser instead even though I couldn’t afford it – already into my overdraft protection for this month.

Anyway, I took a candle with me in my purse to light at 9:00 as requested on FaceBook by the Vancouver Pride Society and 17-24-30 in London (http://www.facebook.com/n/?event.php&eid=172687657119&mid=15555ddG5af317b84238G2722e2G7) – I thought Britannia Community Centre would be enough of a monument of Vancouver to satisfy the terms. But I wasn’t going to hang around outside in a cold rain until 9:00 so I came home and had my two minute silence here. (Picture attached)

That’s all for now! I’ll try not to let another two months go by before I update again!

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